Call for Abstracts

The Executive Committee, led by Chairman Prof. Mike Bradley, is calling for innovative and interesting papers on:

  • Powder flow testing
  • Segregation
  • Mixing
  • Mechanical conveying
  • Silo design for flow
  • Pneumatic conveying system design and simulation
  • DEM – process modelling
  • Mechanical behaviour of bulk materials
  • Wear
  • Particle attrition
  • Particle interaction / deformation
  • Industrial applications in the form of end user case studies
  • Additive Manufacturing

During the conference the session chairs will select exceptional oral presentations for Featuring Articles on CHoPS 2018. These articles will be collected into a special web page. They will be published as Virtual Collection on CHoPS 2018 of the Journal Advanced Powder Technology .

Also 10 papers will be selected to be published in a special issue of Particulate Science and Technology Journal. These papers should have mixed topics (i.e. covering different areas) and a balanced industry/academic (fundamental/practical) proportion.

If you have any questions regarding publication/conference proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact .

Abstract submission

Oral presenters are encouraged to prepare a 6-page paper.

Poster abstracts - abstracts for posters are being received until 1st June 2018.


Please download the template and follow the instructions provided in the template

CHoPS 2018 abstract template


Please email your completed template to

CHoPS 2018 flyer

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