Conference Themes


Rheology, Soft Solids and Complex Fluids | chairs - Bettina Wolf
Talks on soft matter systems are welcome in this session if they have a rheological component. The systems may be bulk or interfacial, fluids, crystals or gels. Components could include self-assembled systems, colloids, granular matter, liquid crystals, polymers and/or active matter. Both academic and applied topics are very welcome: those that combine good science to application, particularly so.

Rheology is a consequence of interactions and dynamics, sizes, charges and concentrations. One of the key targets of a successful formulation is a rheology that enables efficient processing and aim product properties. Soft matter, one might say, is so defined by rheology (soft).

Biomimetics | chairs - Ahu Gumrah Dumanli-Parry & Stefan Bon
The chairs welcome presentations about the latest developments in colloidal and/or soft matter systems which have been designed in order to attempt to mimc biological systems.

Colloids & Surfaces in the Health & Life Sciences | chairs - Chris Blanford, Annela Seddon, Karen Syres

The chairs welcome contributions on: Drug delivery & release; imaging, diagnostics & theranostics; antimicrobial materials; fouling & protein adsorption; biotribology; bioresponsive surfaces

Formulation Science and Engineering | chairs - Nick Ainger
The chairs welcome contributions on: formulation, product microstructure (e.g., rheology, scattering), formulation modelling, surfactants and polymers in solution, delivery of actives in consumer products, FMCG, sustainability in consumer products, cleaning, process design, scale-up and applications of colloidal systems in consumer products.

Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Materials | chairs - Gemma-Louise Davies & Dionisia Jesus
This session incorporates all aspects of colloidal nanoparticles and nanostructured materials, including their synthesis, characterization and novel applications in diverse areas, such as nanocomposites, catalysis, energy, environmental engineering, electronics, optoelectronics, information storage, sensors, bio-imaging, biomedical sciences, and pharmacology.

Foams, Emulsions and Bubbles | chairs - Vincenzo di Bari & Kristian Waters
This session will cover fundamentals and applications of foams, emulsions and bubbles. Abstracts are invited which cover all aspects of research in this topic.

Colloidal Suspensions | chairs - Jeroen Van Duijneveldt, Alex Routh & Beatrice Cattoz
The chairs welcome submission on topics including: the synthesis of colloids; stability and aggregation; structure and phase behaviour of suspensions; and spheres, rods, plates, and responsive systems.

Self-Assembly | chairs - Dwaipayan Chakrabarti & Stefano Sacanna
The chairs welcome contributions on: programmable self-assembly, hierarchical self-assembly, directed assembly, anisotropic colloids, DNA-coated colloids and active colloids.

Colloids in Motion | chairs - Joe Keddie & Wim Thielemans
The chairs welcome submissions covering all aspects of colloidal transport, especially diffusiophoretic mechanisms, and including chemiphoresis, electrophoresis, and thermophoresis, as well as methods to study particle transport and uses of microfluidics.

Polymer Colloid Engineering | chairs - Fiona Hatton, João Cabral & Lee Fielding
The chairs welcome submissions on polymer processing and advanced technologies to produce functional supracolloidal structures, and application of the principles of physics and engineering for materials design.

Encapsulation and Release | chairs - Olivier Cayre & Andrew Gray
The encapsulation and release session will focus on the colloidal aspects of designing, synthesising, characterising and testing active ingredient (AI) carriers and their ability to release these AIs controllably. We welcome abstracts for oral presentations that will discuss such systems from nanoparticles to self-assembled objects (micelles, vesicles, polymersomes, et.c) and larger particulate-based carriers as long as the colloidal aspects of the synthesis process, characterisation or testing are a focus of the work. A non-exhaustive list of industrial applications for the encapsulated AIs include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints and coatings, home and personal care, and fragrances.

Wetting and Adhesion | chair - Shirin Alexander & Erica Wanless
The chair invites submissions on new technologies to produce functionalised materials for superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces for variety of applications from coatings to drug delivery and EOR, and studies invovling surface characterisation of colloids and nanoparticles such as contact angle, wettability (hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity), adhesion and AFM.

Tribology | chair - Zhenyu Jason Zhang & Evangelos Liamas
The subject concerns molecular and surface interactions, both nano- and micro-scales, occurring at an articulating interface. It covers a broad spectrum of colloidal and interfacial systems where lubrication, stabilisation, and functionalisation, which underpins numerous formulations and advanced coatings.

General Session | chairs - Richard Greenwood & David Bell
Any other colloidal phenomena not covered by the other themes.

Poster Session | chairs - Richard Greenwood